Management Consulting

Felix Achibiri has operated successfully in various sectors of the economy and has the first hand knowledge and experience in what makes organizations succeed or fail. Over the years, his experience in the various sectors where he has worked has made him a key player with a first-hand understanding of what helps organizations improve their performance.

Through the success and knowledge he has gathered over the years, Felix plays a key role helping companies indentify their problems and supporting them in the implementation of strategic solutions. Many times, companies have a parochial view of their vision or the ability to put the right team in place. Felix, through his birds’ eye view of things helps organizations navigate the challenge of growth. 

As a management consultant, Felix draws from his wealth of experience; influencing the growth of companies across many sectors and helping leaders improve organizational growth and performance. His experience speaks for him and his results are evident in the companies he has helped navigate the path of sustainable growth. Because of his busy schedules, Felix currently works with only top level of organizations to solve complex challenges that help them stay on track.

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Mr Achibiri brings a new perspective on how to grow a company. Our market penetration efforts were not yielding results but when Felix Achibiri designed a new strategy, we knew we were on track to serious growth, and that was the new result.

Karen Azah
Project Manager, Indetix Limited

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