Speaking Invitations

When you are looking for a business leader with results and track record over the years, Felix Achibiri is your go-to-person. In the business space, only few business leaders have the kind of results Felix has. Despite starting with nothing, he has grown through hard work, partnerships and strategic collaboration and over the years he has become a highly sought-after speaker. He has spoken at various national and international conferences, sharing inspirational lessons acquired through years of experience that span various sectors.

The Process

Through practical, real life examples, he simplifies complex concepts with stories laced with his own results acquired through years of hard work and resilience. Felix is a business catalyst, catalyzing the growth of successful businesses in Nigerian and sub-saharan Africa. His thoughts challenge mediocrity and inspire a new type of action for results.

Over the years, Felix continues to inspire audiences through these stories of success and failure in business, helping entrepreneurs and leaders alike to reach their highest potential. He has spoken in various countries and audiences around the world His success is laced with various life lessons.

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Mr Achibiri brings a new perspective on how to grow a company. Our market penetration efforts were not yielding results but when Felix Achibiri designed a new strategy, we knew we were on track to serious growth, and that was the new result.

Karen Azah
Project Manager, Indetix Limited

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